Life lessons from someone who was recently scammed

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Anyone can be a victim of a scam. Even the young agile mind can fall victim to the crafty attempts of scammers. So don’t look down at someone who has been scammed. The wicked people behind it know exactly what to do to get anyone, and that includes even you!

I thought long and hard before opening up about being scammed because I am a very private person and would hate to be judged. However, I have decided that helping someone else avoid being scammed trumps any sense of fear I have of being judged.

So here are some of…

For in the quiet moments, your mind will surely find the answer it seeks

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So you are stuck on your idea for your novel. Perhaps you started outlining your plot for each chapter but can’t seem to finish it off. Or maybe the characters you originally thought would be full of life, lack the lustre you first imagined.

Writing a novel is hard work. Writing anything is hard work. So don’t be discouraged if you find that you have run out of ideas. The dreaded block actually happens to most of us at some point.

It is well-known fact that writer’s block is caused by self-doubt — which makes us think that our ideas…

It takes real courage to share your art with the world

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For a few months now, I have been interviewing different creatives on my personal writing blog. I have spoken to artists, musicians, and writers, and in doing this, I have learned some things that I cannot keep to myself.

I originally set out to try to understand the creative process because I was stuck. I wanted to learn how other writers and creatives have made it through the hard times and dealt with rejection and fear.

Here are all the things I learned:

We are all so protective of our art

Deep down, we are all so protective of our art. That piece we slaved over for some…

Telling your truth as you have lived it.

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This is for anyone who has been thinking about writing their story — but is feeling inadequate. I want you to know that your story is worth telling. You’ve lived through some things, and you’re still here. There’s a reason for that. It’s because you have so much more to give.

Writing a memoir

According to Neilsen Book Research, sales of memoirs in the UK have surged 42% in the past 12 months, to 2.5 million!

Autobiography readers want to know about what made you laugh or cry. They want to know what you learned from your experiences in life. …

It goes beyond fearlessly pounding the keyboard

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Last week, I was frustrated. I was writing regularly on my blog but not getting much engagement. I was writing about deep things and getting some likes but no comments. People weren’t leaving comments like they used to.

Then, I scrolled through my older posts — my short stories with raw and real elements. Each story had a key takeaway about something I had learned, and sure enough, the comments were there. …

A poem about the strength of every woman

Strong woman
Strong woman
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What makes a strong woman?
is it a woman scorned
bruised and battered
who despite all adversity
and is now helping others
to do the same.

An unlikely contender
who despite all odds
made a lasting legacy
out of a mere thought
a wonderment
that grew legs
then fashioned
into a phenomenal movement.

What makes a strong woman?
Is it one who came
from humble beginnings,
came up in the world
after many an err.

How about a
unashamed silver spooner
who gave up
the luxury life
to mind
her God-given talents
not buckling
under pressure
to conform
to parental expectations…

Your writing journey is yours and yours alone

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I had been writing on and off for several years until an incident at my ex-workplace last year prompted me to take it seriously. In an instant, I realised that writing was something I had been putting off and that procrastination was getting me nowhere.

Since then, I have consistently published short stories and poems via my blog and established a decent following. I am also working on self-publishing my short story.

Before I got to the point I am now, people used to ask me when I would publish my book, and I would respond by saying something like…

Thank you for sharing this. I think its healthy to keep their memory alive which you are doing by writing this article. This right here is a way of remembering them as they were. Since you have written it down even when the memories fade you have it here in written format. Lastly, there is no right or wrong way to grieve so those who say anything contrary don't know better because they have not lost anyone yet. But death is inevitable and unfortunately one day they will also learn what it is like to lose someone close to them .. its just life.


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