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I had been writing on and off for several years until an incident at my ex-workplace last year prompted me to take it seriously. In an instant, I realised that writing was something I had been putting off and that procrastination was getting me nowhere.

Since then, I have consistently published short stories and poems via my blog and established a decent following. I am also working on self-publishing my short story.

Before I got to the point I am now, people used to ask me when I would publish my book…

Thank you for sharing this. I think its healthy to keep their memory alive which you are doing by writing this article. This right here is a way of remembering them as they were. Since you have written it down even when the memories fade you have it here in written format. Lastly, there is no right or wrong way to grieve so those who say anything contrary don't know better because they have not lost anyone yet. But death is inevitable and unfortunately one day they will also learn what it is like to lose someone close to them .. its just life.


Grief is something you will carry within you forever — get used to feeling this way.

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Coming down the stairs that day, your heart thudded against your chest in a way it had never done before. You paused on the final step, shaking uncontrollably. Only then did the tears fall.

Your state of shock lasted for a few days as you made sense of your new normal—a reality without your mum.

The journey into adulthood even murkier than before. You thought you were ready, didn’t you? But you weren’t.

Nothing would have prepared you for the years ahead. …

I stumbled across André’s website after googling — ‘how to niche down as a freelance writer’. I was impressed by the amount of insights I was able to glean from reading his content. That’s why I reached out and asked him to take part in my interview series. I have certainly learned a lot from interacting with him and I hope you do too.

Tell me about yourself

I’m André, and I’ve been stringing words together into (semi)coherent sentences for a living for almost 6 years. This means freelance copywriting is the longest full-time job I’ve ever had… crazy.

Time flies when you’re having…


You had no business being a teacher.

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Dear Maths Teacher Who Tried To Bring Me Down,

You always had the worst attitude. I honestly don’t know why you signed up to be a teacher; if you hated your job, you should have chosen another career.

I had always hated Mathematics, and so it was no surprise when I found myself in the foundation class at the beginning of year nine.

Back when maths classes were segmented into three tiers; foundation, intermediate and advanced, the highest grade the foundation tier could get was a D.

At the start of year ten, I was moved up from the foundation…

Waiting Is Hard!

A poem about waiting
A poem about waiting
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At first, you waited expectantly,
for weeks, months, and even years.
With your head held up high
and a stoic resolve urging you on.

But once doubt crept in,
your ray of hope dimmed;
it flickered and died.

Though behind closed doors,
a secret yearning gnawed at your wits.
Perhaps it would never come after all.
Or would it? Who knew?

Then one day, upon reading the words:
‘Wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.’
You did a double-take.
You mindfully mused in deep meditation,
‘It will certainly come and will not delay.’

And then, from…

Great for new writers but not for the long run.

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I have been on one particular bidding site (Upwork) for the last few months, and whilst I am grateful for the work, it is time to start using other methods.

Considering the time that I have been putting into writing articles for clients on Upwork, the measly peanuts I get in return is not enough.

That’s why I am breaking out of using just these sites to find writing clients.

Read on to learn whether bidding sites are good for the long run and who benefits the most from using…


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Sometimes when I write, I worry that I am exposing too much of myself. I am sure I am not the only person that feels this way. I have seen other writers complain about the same thing, especially on this platform.

However, I chalk it as the fear that every new writer has because they write their truth. It leaves them vulnerable, naked and exposed.

Here are some of the reasons I ignore the fear to share my truth:

Authenticity is the best way to connect with others

When I write authentically from my personal experience, whether fiction or non-fiction, it is very relatable. …

Learn from my mistake. Don’t do it.

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So, I started working with a new client, and at first, I enjoyed it. After all, it was a new challenge.

I convinced myself that writing for that industry was something I could do even though I had no interest in the niche.

And I was completely wrong.

Here are the main things I learned from this experience.

The project you work on should play to your strengths

Before I started working on this client, I was given a trial period. In that time, I submitted drafts and learned everything about the industry. But still, it did not come naturally.

During playback sessions…

A timeless sitcom that resonates with adults in their 20s and 30s

Gerald Weinman/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

You’ve been watching the Friends sitcom on Netflix during your lunch break as you work from home. You also watch it at night before falling asleep.

Although you watch it repeatedly, you still find each joke funny, each relatable situation and every time it resonates differently with you.

Note that I write ‘you’ intentionally because at some points during the pandemic, it was trending on Netflix. So I know it’s not just me that’s been watching it over and over again.

I have also noticed a few tweets…


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